icon Cure Stress A simple calming technique to
change how you react under stress.

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Change how you react under stress. The Cure Stress app teaches a timeless method of recentering,
reducing your struggle with unwanted emotions.

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Antidote for negative emotions.

Users of this time-tested technique, which is recommended by many doctors and psychiatrists, have reported having their fears and anxieties simply fall away.

Used worldwide.

Since 1960, millions have benefited from the technique found in the app – a unique "observation exercise" also called meditation.

Cure Stress is exactly what I needed. A simple, no frills tool that lets me squeeze mindfulness into my busy schedule.

Ahren416 on the App Store

Contains in its practice the seed to freeing us from our bondage and slavery to compulsive thoughts and emotions.

Ron Carlson Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist

Many have used [it] to break the endless loop of thought with success. It’s private, confidential, simple and non-intrusive.

Col. Kathy Platoni Psy.D.

This helped me to stop battling and struggling with impatience, resentments, anger. Now they pass with minimal effort, sometimes instantly.

Jerry Zaryczny on Google Play

I recommend this app for everyone, the meditation exercises therein really improve life in every aspect!

Modesta Njau on Google Play